[Bug 36905] KDE hyperlinks in do not work in a standard (non-kde) Ubuntu enviroment.

Richard Brooklyn ribs at riblet.plus.com
Tue Mar 28 17:18:12 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Summary changed to:
    KDE hyperlinks in do not work in a standard (non-kde) Ubuntu enviroment.
Description changed to:
    -- UPDATE  --
    This seems to affect all KDE applications which use this code for hyperlinks, not just amaroK. I have kept the orignal bug below as it highlights the issue and gives good steps to re-produce.
    -- END OF UPDATE --

    On a standard Ubuntu Dapper (I doubt this affects KUbuntu)
    installation. I installed Amarok. Went to the "About amaroK' menu
    item in the "Help" menu. There is a link there to amarok.kde.org.

    Clicking this link does not bring up firefox pointing at the
    expected website. Instead, I see a rather cryptic error come up:

    Could not launch the brower:
    Could not find service 'kfmclient'.

    I suspect that something has not been started/installed here. And I
    fear it could affect other KDE applications running in Ubuntu, not
    just amaroK. I have a feeling that amaroK/kdeinit is looking for
    Konqueror, or a URL handler or something, but cannot find it (pure
    guesswork here, I'm no coder).

    Installed amaroK version is: 2:1.3.8-0ubuntu7 (according to

    If any more info is needed, please ask.

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