[Bug 34398] adept freezes when selecting installed package Details

mornfall me at mornfall.net
Mon Mar 20 15:59:44 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Task: ubuntu ept
       Assignee: Kubuntu Team => mornfall

I cannot see how libqt-perl could change anything here. Does removing libqt-perl again cause lockups to come back? The libqt-perl package does not come into play at all until debconf asks questions.

The more likely cause of this problem could be related to the missing application/octet-stream mime-type problem. This latter bug will be fixed in 1.91, so if you can test when this is out, it would be nice (sometime this week hopefully).

Either way, attaching to the hanging process and getting backtrace with gdb (of all threads: thread apply all bt). Also strace -p could be useful.

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