[Bug 23007] k3bsetup show an emty dialog

havarddahle havardda-dev at orakel.ntnu.no
Tue Mar 14 15:21:04 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

As I am seeing the exact same thing ("blank dialog") with other kcmshell
modules, I gather it has nothing to do with k3b, but something is wrong
with kcmshell.

I ran a loop through all kcmshell modules and took a screenshot of them
to see how many are affected.

On my system, three modules came up blank: k3bsetup2, backgound and
keyboard. Try it yourself with `kcmshell background`.

There are no indications on stdout of any problems. Something is
terribly amiss.

I'm using Kubuntu Breezy.

Here's the screenshot loop, in case someone finds those kinds of things

    kcmshell --list | grep -v "The following modules" | (while read
MODULE STUFF; do echo $MODULE; { kcmshell $MODULE & }; sleep 3; import
-window 0x2200007 $MODULE.png; killall kcmshell; done; )

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