[Bug 22400] Re: Wallet manager "losing" wallets

Alan Jenkins aj504 at student.cs.york.ac.uk
Tue Jun 27 09:37:35 UTC 2006

Had another interesting symptom of kded problems: konqueror wouldn't
start.  It seemed there was more than one kded process running at a
time; when I killed one of them all the instances of konqueror I had
tried to start all started at once.

A crash dialog came up at the same time but I'm afraid I instinctively
clicked through it, so I don't have the backtrace.

Offtopic: what about a crash log?  This would also allow reporting bugs
which occur during logout, since normally the crash dialog will be
closed like everything else.  Obviously given the size of backtraces you
would need to be aware of it, have some way to clear it, or retain only
the most recent etc.  What about something like an additional button,
"remember this crash for later", set as a default which would be
implicitly activated if the dialog is closed due to logout or window
close button.

Wallet manager "losing" wallets

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