[Bug 50471] Re: No shutdown option (button) visible

Rob Walker rob at ladle.net
Mon Jun 26 16:28:57 UTC 2006

I would like to confirm this bug.  I did a brand new install with Dapper
Drake.  After the install, the gnome "power button" in the upper right
corner showed seven options.  The top row was "logout, lockscreen,
switch user", while the bottom row was "suspend, hibernate, restart, and

I installed all updates with synaptic, and nothing changed.  Then I used
synaptic again, and installed the "kubuntu-desktop" package.  I told the
installer that I wanted to use kdm instead of gdm.  I logged into the
gnome session using kdm, and now the power button in gnome is different.
It pops up a top row of "logout, lockscreen, switch user", and the
bottom row is "suspend, hibernate", but it doesn't show restart or
shutdown any more.

No shutdown option (button) visible

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