[Bug 47919] Re: kontact / kadressbook creates duplicate contacts

magdalen launchpad_net at magdala.us
Fri Jun 23 22:14:45 UTC 2006

Ken, your "normal way" is fine for one-off email messages, but I run a
couple of businesses, which have to stay seperate, and I have a personal
list too, I make mail lists and send out bulk messages sometimes. KMail
*is* capable of this and is very full featured, this bug makes things
confusing though and it's making me afraid of losing something
important. I suppose I shouldn't be doing something so important with a
testing release . . . . I just couldn't get the wifi cards to work well
for kismet with 5.10. I hope this KMail bug and the one about losing
mail are cleared up soon. I don't want to switch aps if I can help it
becuase I love Kontact and KDE in general. I'm going to stick it out and
hope for the best, and probably back up my mail files a littlemore often

kontact / kadressbook creates duplicate contacts

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