[Bug 47919] Re: kontact / kadressbook creates duplicate contacts

magdalen launchpad_net at magdala.us
Thu Jun 1 20:17:24 UTC 2006

just noticed . . . . poking around in .kde/share/apps/kabc and I notice
the ones in teh stdvcf folder that have their own files are the ones
duplicated multiple times . . . . the ones stored in the main vcf files
are fine, or so it looks. I backed it up so I'm going to try hacking the
vcf files and get rid of the stdvcf folder for now if I can figure out
how my vcf files have three different address books in them and which
ones are the main ones in teh rotation . . . . this could totally break
it or who knows I could get lucky so wish me luck!

kontact / kadressbook creates duplicate contacts

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