[Bug 6290] Re: use /dev/video1394, not /dev/raw1394

Dan Dennedy dan at dennedy.org
Thu Jun 1 19:21:50 UTC 2006

Yeah, linux1394 was late to the udev game, and I suspect the kernel name
will be a popular default for udev rule makers. I believe Dapper will be
a popular version for quite a while. Oh well, I will consider changing
the Kino default dv1394 device name or simply try a few popular names in
addition to the configured name.

On the group, while 'firewire' is an obvious, friendly name, putting all
1394 device files under that group does not help the user/admin
distinguish between the safe dv1394 and insecure raw1394.

I think the issue is well discussed and understood now. Let the decision
be made, and we will let nuisance be the mother of invention. :-)
(Meaning, the nuisance encouraging someone to improve the 1394 kernel

use /dev/video1394, not /dev/raw1394

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