[Bug 42768] Re: kerry matches "elias at asb" when searching for "elias_asb"

elias elias at asb-online.at
Thu Jun 1 01:00:20 UTC 2006

but here more observation:

kerry feels significantly slower then beagle-search when there are more
results, most likely due to the fact that it does not show anything
before it is finished.

that should be changed. moreover nothing in kerry indicates that a
search is in progress. the app does not respond to interaction anymore
as soon as a search is in progress, you cant stop or change your search,
all in all it looks like the app has crashed.

therefore I recommend to make a beagle_search like approach where
results are shown as soon as they are found. and you can change the
search string any time. it also is nice if the search starts with the
first letter typed with no need to hit "find now".

beagle_search finds more documents then kerry does: 25:28 when searching
for an IP address.

eventhough I like the fact that kerry gives a lot of info about the
found files that should be done in a more organized manner. ordering by
document type is desirable!

the results should also be presented in a less space consuming way. just
loose the whitespace. The fact that kerry shows where the search
sequence has been found in the document should not be compromised but

kerry matches "elias at asb" when searching for "elias_asb"

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