[Bug 42768] Re: kerry matches "elias at asb" when searching for "elias_asb"

elias elias at asb-online.at
Thu Jun 1 00:29:48 UTC 2006

This is not straight like I described above. When I search for elias at asb
kerry shows 3 results. In fact these results are all emails to this bug
tracking system containing the exact phrase "elias at asb" but not the real
email addess which is elias at asb-xxx.xx.

But when I search for elias_asb, which is actually only in these same 3
mails and in the one text file which I was searching for initially I get
106 results!

Most of them are emails which contain my email address somwhere in the
message, some contain an backtrack url containing my email address. But
some do not contain the address at all. The address was just the
recipient and of course the whole address, not just the subpart
elias at asb.

Very very strange!

kerry matches "elias at asb" when searching for "elias_asb"

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