[Bug 21240] DHCP autoconfiguration failed at installation

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> I've got 2 network cards: Intel(R) PRO/100 - eth0 - e100 module in kernel -
> which is connectected to my small home network
> Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T Adapter - eth1 - sk98lin module
> in kernel - which is connected to an adsl modem to the internet.
> I was thinking that the installer might get confused to choose the right eth to
> configure dhcp and I tried harder in the GUI installer to find a way to set this
> but I couldn't find anything which allows me to choose my card. Not even in the
> expert mode installation I couldn't make it...

Could you try disconnecting (either physically or from the BIOS if possible)
one of the cards ? (the one used for the intranet)

I can confirm a similar situation, also with Dapper Flight 2. Two network 
cards, only one connected to the internet, neither the installer nor the 
network config tool would let me get a DHCP connection to the DSL router
going. Same problem with the Ubuntu 5.10 installer. HOWEVER, 

* the Ubuntu 5.10 live CD connects to the DHCP server just fine, even with
  the two cards present.
* after disconnecting the spare ethernet card (I disallowed it from BIOS),
  I rebooted, and this time I could configure the DHCP connection with no
  problems from the nework config tool (in the Control Center)


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