[Bug 76326] Re: Konqueror should be able to parse .lnk files

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at gatech.edu
Wed Dec 20 23:31:25 UTC 2006

I'm not really that clear on what the documentation project produces,
yet.  Is it meant to help develop existing documentation for individual
components, like man pages and KDE Handbooks, or develop separate
documentation for whole Ubuntu distributions, or what?

Anyway, I think the .lnk documentation would be great in Switching from
Windows.  I don't really know what's up with the Desktop Guide.  Is it
meant to remain short and sweet, and shunt people to the Official Ubuntu
Book, or is it just short because no one's written much yet?  If it's
the latter, I think it's worth including.

Matthew Flaschen

Jonathan Jesse wrote:
> I saw this bug report and am interested in trying to 'solve' the
> documentation portion of it.  Do you think this would be good in the
> Desktop Guide or perhas in the Switching From Windows Guide (which
> currently exists in Ubuntu and is being developed for Kubuntu)?
> Thanks,
> Jonathan
> ps.  learned soemthing new today :)

Konqueror should be able to parse .lnk files

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