[Bug 65791] Re: DPMS timeout restored incorrectly on login

Francisco frantas at brfree.com.br
Wed Dec 6 01:06:55 UTC 2006

Hi John, greetings for nailing the bug! I wouldn't have the time not
even to try.

By taking a look on the code, it seems the multiply by 60 thing crept in when they added the capability to get the system settings. The hardwired constants DFLT_STANDBY, DFLT_SUSPEND and DFLT_OFF are meant to be minutes, so there are those "60 *" to make then seconds. But the system settings are already in seconds! So, my fix would be:
 - make those constants mean seconds (multiply then by 60)
 - take out those "60 *" and let it set the timeouts

What do you think?

DPMS timeout restored incorrectly on login

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