[Bug 74266] Re: ubuntu/kubuntu-desktop will not install

John Vivirito gnomefreak at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 23:33:10 UTC 2006

Ok when you upgrade with cd you need to install xorg xserver-xorg
xserver-xorg-video-all and the libgl1-mesa packages. you will notice the
held back packages have xorg in it among alot of python apps im thinking
somewhere around 33 held back packages please go ahead and install them.
than you should beable to install ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu/edubuntu-
desktop packages as you wish to. i run into this every time i upgrade
from cd but the cd should install those things so we are gonna leave
this a bug. i will bring this bug up to the apt guys and see what they
think. Thank you for reporting this bug.

ubuntu/kubuntu-desktop will not install

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