[Bug 35490] Re: kamera detection does not work

Philip Guyton phil at lxnet.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Aug 26 15:23:30 UTC 2006

kubuntu added to Ubuntu via alternative CD
I have very similar behaviour with my Canon Power Shot A70

Plug in and switch on and click OK to "USB Imaging Interface - KDE Daemon"  dialog
(open in new window default)

system:/media/camera   is opened with Canon PowerShot A70 folder

clicking on this folder gives url of :-
system:/media/camera/camera with an unknown file called the same as previous folder

clicking on this file gives an "Unknow error Bad parameters" message with the following as the url

Also when the camera is switched on a desktop icon "USB Imaging Interface" appears with Base URL: camera:/
Clicking on this icon takes me to konqeror with "media:/camera" containing the same folder as above (camera name) but clicking on the folder does nothing.

But "camera:/" gives the same directory name and clicking on this gives
me access to a dcim folder with contains others '###CANON' which in turn
contains the potos.

But digiKam works a treat after adding the camera, and the gnome system
seems to work OK too but only a little testing on these two.

kamera detection does not work

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