[Bug 56970] K3B should be moved to KDE from "otherosfs"

Jamadagni samjnaa at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 09:23:20 UTC 2006

Public bug reported:

Binary package hint: k3b

K3B is currently listed at: http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/otherosfs/
No one expects it under "Other OS's and file systems" since by the self-professed description at http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/ that section is only for "software to run programs compiled for other operating system, and to use their filesystems".

According to my /etc/fstab, UDF and ISO9660 are the two filesystems used
on CDs and DVDs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO9660 says that ISO9660
"aims at supporting different computer operating systems such as
Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and systems that follow the Unix
specification, so that data may be exchanged."

So ISO9660 belongs to *nix as much as to other OS-es and so cannot be
labeled as an "other OS FS". Similarly UDF which is the successor of
ISO9660 cannot also be labeled so.

Therefore K3B should not be placed into that category. In the view of
the public, K3B is a KDE application. The KDE project itself puts K3B
under its own "extra gear", see http://extragear.kde.org/

Therefore K3B should go under http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/kde/ and
in the future under the KDE category of the future releases of *ubuntu.

I would attach this bug to Arson
(http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/otherosfs/arson) too, but
http://arson.sourceforge.net/ shows that this project is long dormant,
so I will not. This is a K3B bug for want of a better package to attach

** Affects: k3b (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Untriaged
         Status: Unconfirmed

K3B should be moved to KDE from "otherosfs"

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