[Bug 40703] Re: Screws up openoffice in gnome {read this one}

Martin mpisz at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 22 04:46:25 UTC 2006

I installed fresh copy of ubuntu and open-office worked fine. This is
6.06 beta. The only change I made is install kubuntu desktop. Open-
office works fine in KDE but icons and menus disappear in gnome. Icons
and menus reappear in gnome when I re-size the screen. However as soon
as I move the mouse over the icon bar or menu bar in open-office the
icons disappear in gnome. Kubuntu-desktop package seems to be screw up
ubuntu. Related to bug #34909 in ubuntu.  Really anoying as openoffice
is a core application I use.  Cna't help solve bug as I'm not an IT
person by career.

Screws up openoffice in gnome

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