[Bug 35605] Re: segfault

Francois-Denis Gonthier neumann at lostwebsite.net
Sun Apr 2 01:50:05 UTC 2006

Cannot reproduce.  I don't get a segfault, but I get a double-free corruption at when closing the window.  Not sure if it's related.

kpartsaver: KMPlayerFactory::createPartObject KParts::ReadOnlyPart
kpartsaver: KMPlayerPart(0x65f7f0)::KMPlayerPart ()
kpartsaver: View 48234725
kpartsaver: KMPlayerPart::openURL file:///home/neumann/zubr_zapasy.mpg
kpartsaver: KMPlayerHRefSource::setURL
kpartsaver: PartBase::openURL file:///home/neumann/zubr_zapasy.mpgtrue
kpartsaver: processState Not Running -> Ready
kpartsaver: Source::currentMrl  src:
kpartsaver: resolveURL file:///home/neumann/zubr_zapasy.mpg
kpartsaver: document Mrl::activate
kpartsaver: Source::currentMrl document src:file:///home/neumann/zubr_zapasy.mpg
kpartsaver: getPath /home/neumann/zubr_zapasy.mpg
mplayer -wid 48234725 -slave  -vo xv -framedrop  -contrast 0 -brightness 0 -hue 0 -saturation 0  '/home/neumann/zubr_zapasy.mpg' -identify
kpartsaver: processState Ready -> Buffering
kpartsaver: Reference mrl /home/neumann/zubr_zapasy.mpg
kpartsaver: processState Buffering -> Playing
kpartsaver: KMPlayerPart::processStartedPlaying
eval quit
kpartsaver: KMPlayerPart::~KMPlayerPart
kpartsaver: PartBase::~PartBase
kpartsaver: ~Document
kpartsaver: KMPlayerLiveConnectExtension::~KMPlayerLiveConnectExtension()
kpartsaver: ~Document
Double QObject deletion detected.
*** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x0000000000664dc0 ***


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