[Bug 15590] Dvorak keyboard layout missing

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------- Additional Comments From pylon at gentoo.org  2005-09-24 23:59 UTC -------
I have the same problem with breezy.  But I can't do the workaround with
configuring X, as this box should run as a multiuser system, so that the
keyboard-settings should be set on a per user basis.

Eventually I found the Dvorak-layout as a suboption of the US-layout (there are
also Dvorak-suboptions to the German or Swedish layouts).  Now there is a
US-banner in klipper, which is in that way annoying that a team-mate, who works
with my account, thinks that I'm on a US-layout.  So, you can't distinguish
between the Dvorak and the US-layout (or another layout if there is a
Dvorak-sublayout available).

This seems to be a kubuntu patch.  A self-compiled KDE-3.4.2 or Xorg-6.8.2 on
Gentoo do provide Dvorak as a main-layout.

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