[Bug 15889] Kontact (well, kmail) crashes when deleting email from an imap-ssl folder

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Fri Sep 23 03:10:16 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From suresh at hserus.net  2005-09-23 04:10 UTC -------
Update.  I forgot to add that this happens when I'm deleting multiple emails
from an imap folder. That is, if there's a series of spams there I either select
all the spams or hit the del key multiple times. And I have a setting which says
"automatically purge deleted emails".

So what happens sometimes is that when the email is deleted and purged the focus
shifts to the previous email in the folder.  If I'm deleting multiple emails by
just hitting the delete key fast again and again, and if the imap server is a
bit slow due to network latency, it sometimes happens that the focus tries to
shift back to an email that's already been deleted + purged.  Kontact / Kmail
immediately crashes with SIGSEGV.

I've replicated this multiple times with a couple of different imap servers
(that courier imap, and another a uw-imapd box)

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