[Bug 14986] Wish: Window management with "Fitt's Corners" by default

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Fri Sep 9 23:37:21 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From chris at deadhand.com  2005-09-10 00:37 UTC -------
Wanted to add that "put below other windows" is available this way as well (middle click) - use  
it a lot but saw your response now. If it's considered better usability this way by most people 
using kubuntu or the people actually developing it I'll just add it to my short "change that on 
new setups" list and be done with it :) 
I thought that it was ok in hoary but wasn't so sure, so I didn't mention.  
Ah well, there have always been people saying they need to resize maximized windows in  
discussions about that (some month ago a nice one on kde-usability). I still strongly believe  
Fitt's law (which is too often used to justify something, I admit) outweights the resizeability  
in this case by leaps and bounds.  

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