[Bug 16193] Wallet manager "losing" wallets

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------- Additional Comments From rob at robhughes.com  2005-10-17 21:05 UTC -------
I'm not seeing kded crashing any more, but I am seeing what I described in 17775. 
I suppose this bug can be closed since the issue no longer seems to be occurring. 
What's interesting is that when kded would crash after some period of time, I 
didn't have a problem with kded going into a loop when kopete accesses 
kdewalletmanager first. Now that kded isn't crashing, kopete sends kded into a 
loop *if* it's the first thing to access kdewalletmanager. I have kopete excluded 
from my session state, and just start it manually after logging in now.

Kded really seems to have a lot of problems in 3.4.3. This is one of the most 
noticible. Unmounted cdroms not appearing on the desktop is another. While it is, 
admittedly, not a huge issue, it was a very handy feature since my users didn't 
have to do anything special beyond a r-click/mount. I'm seeing various other bits 
of strangeness too, but haven't been able to catalouge/correlate all of it yet.

I mention this because I believe the two are related (kopete problem, cds not 
appearing on the desktop). The strace I did of kded showed it in a loop calling 
the cdrom drive status over and over.

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