[Bug 3805] Package gtk2-engines-gtk-qt causes GNOME-panel to crash upon startup

angrykeyboarder angrykeyboarder at angrykeyboarder.com
Sun Nov 27 05:41:17 UTC 2005

Public bug report changed:



I'd be glad ot attempt a backtrace however, my Linux box will be out of
commission for 10-14 days while I await shipment of a replacment video
card. I will follow up here ASAP.

As far as changing severity settings goes, since it's my bug I figured I
was entitled. :-)

Besides, it was my first bug report on Launchpad and I wasn't yet
familliar with it. :-)

I should have correctly set the severity when I initially filed the

This bug renders GNOME immediately **USELESS** at startup. To me, that
ranks a rather high priority don't you think?

A week or two after filing the report I figured out a workaround.  I
deleted my .gtk* files while in KDE, logged out of KDE and logged into
GNOME.  That does the trick but it has to be done prior to each time one
logs out of KDE as the files are (of course) re-created.

FYI: It was (and still is due to lack of documentation) difficult to
determine if I should file a bug report on bugzilla or Launchpad.
Therefore, I initially filed this report on bugzilla.  When a
significant amount of time passed with no developer response, I learned
of Launchpad and figured I should perhaps file the report here.

Therefore, to avoid potential duplicate work on the part of the
developers, please reference:

Thank you.

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