[Bug 10546] Weiter Button is named zurück, like the back button, in (probably) all KDE Dialogs

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------- Additional Comments From patrick.gerken at credativ.de  2005-05-09 16:18 UTC -------
Ok, I started to tell a story, and I don't want to delete it, therefor 
short version: 
For clarification, name the next button "Weiter" instead of falsely named "Zurück". 
I accidently found that KTip uses "Nächster" for a similar button. I have no real problem with 
that in context of KTip, but in context of wizards. If you want to know why, read on. 
long version: 
As I tell everybody I know that I filed a bug I got a little feedback, in that case the question 
was if the "next" button should not be named like the "go back" button, what should it be named 
like then? 
So the next button should/could be named "Weiter" 
This fits better than "zurück" and was used by ktip in kde 3.3 
ktip in kubuntu uses the term "Nächster" Therefor I am a little bit confused. "Nächster" means 
next, but "Nächster" is male, if something is female it would be called "Nächste" and if it is 
neither male nor female it is named like female. As male and female sometimes changes if you 
switch languages (No, they don't cut something away and drill a hole when you pass a border!) it 
would be veery complicated to implement (I think like developer here. print(_("next", 
gender='male'); would not find approvement...) this correct. "Nächster" Also might look silly in 
the context of a multiscreen wizard. At least I would also start to think "nächster was?" (en: 
"what type of next?"). Then I would start to think that I would call every single screen a page. 
Then I would think "But wait page is female". But If I use "Nächste", which would also mean the 
back button should be named "Vorherige", everybody would start the same thinking with ktip 
buttons. Because a tip is male.  
Because of that I vote for "Weiter" because this is an action, and nobody asks if the action can 
pee while standing or not. 

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