[Bug 8078] kmilo plugin unuseable

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Wed Mar 23 10:53:42 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From halls at debian.org  2005-03-23 10:53 UTC -------
Well I suppose that on the live CD, the user has gained root access effectively anyway so its no  
more dangerous than if the user didn't have access.  
However, what are the chances of something going wrong?  e.g. milo trashes CMOS on an unsupported  
new thinkpad model or some other machine that appears to be a thinkpad but isn't.  
Do we really need to take this risk on the live CD?  Do we really need this functionality on the 
live CD itself?  I'm wondering whether we should save this  
just for the install CD, and turn this into a not-installed-by-default package that does all the  
right things when explicitly installed by the admin.  

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