[Bug 11699] CUPS Printer Sharing Option on LAN Not available in Kubuntu

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------- Additional Comments From martin.pitt at ubuntu.com  2005-06-10 11:51 UTC -------
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> To turn browsing on, either (sudo) edit /etc/cups/cupsd-browsing.conf and change
> "Off" to "On" or go to /usr/share/cups and type
> ./enable_browsing 1

enable_browsing is an Ubuntu script that was specifically meant to be called
from GUIs. Jonathan, that's what you should call (as root, of course).
> Then, (sudo) edit /etc/cups/cupsd.conf to comment out the following line so:
> # Listen
> and uncomment, as appropriate, to have these entries:
> Port 631
> Browsing On
> BrowseAddress @LOCAL
> <Location />
> Order Deny,Allow
> Deny From All
> Allow From
> Allow From @LOCAL
> </Location>

That part wasn't necessary in Hoary; it was probably introduced while merging a
new Debian version into Breezy, I'll fix that.

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