[Bug 12633] USB detection of new storage devices fails

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------- Additional Comments From matt at eisgr.com  2005-07-14 13:11 UTC -------
Very well.  I'll pull the bug.  The system I use most of the time is a formerly
Ubuntu-Hoary Beta from March or April.  I also use several other Kubuntu
(Kubuntu media 5.04 release) which do work better but still not supurbly.

You have spoken very little about the functionality I'm interested in
addressing, it's my fault.  I let a bug report become a platform for discussing
design issues.

I'll back up and say what I actually mean:
* Ubuntu/Kubuntu do not appear to have a good headless (ie. non-GUI) solution
for handling USB/removeable media.  It seems the "answer" is left to userspace
tools from graphical desktop environments.  What about the server?  Shouldn't
the device show up in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab?  Once it has been umounted and
disappears from /proc/mounts, there's no clean record the storage device exists.
 Utilities and applications which rely on /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab are up the
creek without a paddle.

* You cannot eject CD's if a process is still accessing it in any way.

* It's cool that dbus/hal/udev can do all that nifty stuff.  How can Joe-user to
it all? 

I'm learning more about the actual technologies involved from our discussion. 
Thank you.
I'll reload my main system here (yuck!) from scratch and keep attempting to be a
value.  Thank you for having patience with me.  I really am just wanting to help
Ubuntu/Kubuntu be the best distros for the most people.  I appreciate your
insights and hope you will respond to this last post.  I'd really be interested
in a summary of what each of the stack-members do (udev/hal/dbus/hotplug and
amd) and how they interact, specifically with regards to removable media and
non-media (like a usb cam).  What config files each uses and maybe how to do a
little of the magic you discussed earlier.  I have been having a real bear of a
time getting my twofish256 crypto filesystem from SuSE to mount in Ubuntu.

Thank you,
Matt Carpenter

ps.  You guys keep up the great work!  I still miss a few things from SuSE Pro,
but I've become quite stuck on Kubuntu.  I will continue to comment in areas I
feel could be helpful to the end user (or admin) experience.

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