[Bug 20914] Printer with known default good driver will print green only <severe bug impairs basic desktop printing usage>>

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Wed Dec 14 16:53:23 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From mystikmitch at yahoo.com  2005-12-14 16:53 UTC -------
Hello again, 
I have provided number of links where users say they have the same thing.  Would like to know if 
this bug is being looked  at. Thing is this is a  critical thing "printer issues". Not a 
entertainment issue and like to know. I could wait few more days, otherwise I am going to remove 
ubuntu. It will be a pity as it seems like a nice distro. Me and  other people need to  print 
important documents on a stable version. Who so happen are affected by this bug. Again  if your  
researching the issue or not would go a long way. 

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