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------- Additional Comments From nils.trebing at uni-konstanz.de  2005-12-04 14:28 UTC -------
For me, media:/ doesn't work either. I'm currently using the KDE 3.5 packages from   
kubuntu.org, but it didn't work with 3.4.3 either. I remember it worked for some time, IIRC   
after the first KDE upgrade from breezy-updates, but after the second update, I couldn't   
restore that behaviour, not even by downgrading kdebase-kio-plugins.   
The behaviour of media:/ looks somewhat different depending on whether I use the ubuntu   
2.6.12-10-686 kernel package or my own build of whose .config I have generated by   
using the original .config of 2.6.12-10-686 and running make oldconfig.  
In all cases, USB thumb drives, data CDs and so on get mounted, but in most cases, I can't  
access them using media:/, but only via /media/.  
With 2.6.12-10-686, my USB thumb drive gets mounted and I can view its contents at, IIRC, 
media:/sda1 or media:/usbdisk. Data CDs also get mounted, but I get the error "media:hdc does not 
exist" in konqueror. 
With, the USB drive also gets mounted, but konqueror just takes forever loading 
"media:/sda1" and doesn't say anything else. Data CDs exhibit the same behaviour (of course, 
substituting media:/hdc for media:/sda1) 

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