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------- Additional Comments From frederik at dannemare.net  2005-04-19 12:22 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #3)  
> I can however get wireless to connect if I follow these procedures:  
> I have to enable root logins in Kubuntu, since it is disabled by default.  
> Then i run the commands:   
> iwconfig eth1 essid <essid>  
> iwconfig eth1 key <key>  
> dhclient  
> it then pulls an IP and I am able to connect. But, when I reboot, settings are  
> lost, and must run commands all over again.  
Add to /etc/network/interfaces:  
auto eth1  
iface eth1 inet dhcp  
        wireless-essid <essid>  
        wireless-key <key>  
> If I attempt to configure through the GUI in KDE Control Center, it asks for a  
> root login, which is now possible, but then just brings me back to the KDE  
> control center main screen, without taking me to any settings. This is quite a  
> serious issue as it pretty much renders Kubuntu useless.  
It, of course, doesn't render Kubuntu useless, but this whole kcontrol issue certainly makes it more difficult to  
recommend it the brand new Linux users. No doubt about that.  

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