[Bug 8921] Wireless Network settings (ipw2100)

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------- Additional Comments From pnut001 at gmail.com  2005-04-18 23:21 UTC -------
I can however get wireless to connect if I follow these procedures:

I have to enable root logins in Kubuntu, since it is disabled by default.

Then i run the commands: 
iwconfig eth1 essid <essid>
iwconfig eth1 key <key>

it then pulls an IP and I am able to connect. But, when I reboot, settings are
lost, and must run commands all over again.
If I attempt to configure through the GUI in KDE Control Center, it asks for a
root login, which is now possible, but then just brings me back to the KDE
control center main screen, without taking me to any settings. This is quite a
serious issue as it pretty much renders Kubuntu useless.

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