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------- Additional Comments From frederik at dannemare.net  2005-04-06 20:27 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #9)      
> I can reproduce the problem by going back and forth between printer and login manager (admin) mode, it      
may work at first but eventually it will get me to a blank       
> "Loading..." window. It seems totally random. Sometimes I can't use any admin after first boot,      
sometimes it works for a while.       
> My machine is up to date.       
This is not the same bug (but they may very well be related).  
The thing is, I'm no longer bitten by the "ignore password" bug as described at the beginning of this bug  
report. However, I am able to reproduce the bug you've just described.      
I managed to trigger it this way:  
Log into administrator mode in these kcontrol modules:  
1) Login Manager      
2) Printers      
3) Font Installer      
4) Login Manager      
5) Printers  (at this point it stalls (the passwd dialog never pops up) with the gray screen and    
"Loading..." text)     
It was, however, easy for me to get a "second chance". Simply clicking on another module (menu entry) in  
kconctrol and going back to Printers gave me the password dialog.   
I consider this particular bug minor/normal.   
Does bugzilla allow for cloning reports somehow; like it can be done with Debian BTS, for example?  

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