[Bug 8491] Kicker is always transparent

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Wed Apr 6 10:48:18 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From daniel.stone at ubuntu.com  2005-04-06 11:48 UTC -------
Um, I don't know why Kicker was transparent in the first place.  To me, that
doesn't make sense, but I'm sure some eye-candy-heads would like it ... the
question isn't so much 'does Composite suck?' (the answer, right now: yes), but
'should Kicker be partially transparent (e.g. alpha channel of 0.7 or so in an
ARGB visual) by default?'.  That one doesn't really relate to Xorg, but it's a
UI question for the KDE folk (or Kubuntu, if you want to differ from upstream here).

(But, to answer your question, people shouldn't be using Composite right now.)

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