[Bug 7971] kmail imap resources fail to work in KDE 3.4.0

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Mon Apr 4 07:31:23 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From j.heidbuechel at web.de  2005-04-04 08:31 UTC -------
Hi, I'm also facing this problem and miss my calendar and addressbook. The Output of konsole, when starting  
kontact from there is:  
kontact: WARNING: KDCOPServiceStarter: No service implementing DCOP/ResourceBackend/IMAP  
kresources: ERROR: Couldn't connect to the IMAP resource backend  
when trying to add an imap resource for kaddressbook. As Pauli told, adding an imapresource to korganizer 
works. Trying to add a new event creates kdialog window which tells you that you don't have write access to 
the resource and konsole says  
kresources: ERROR: Couldn't connect to the IMAP resource backend 
kontact: WARNING: LockNull::lock() force success. Doesn't actually lock. 
kresources: WARNING: No writable resource found! 

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