[Bug 8388] unable to use sftp:// in konqueror or in open file

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Fri Apr 1 16:20:54 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From bertrand.haut at brutele.be  2005-04-01 17:20 UTC -------
> Is the package 'openssh-client' installed on your system?  
yes : 
root at neptune:/home/berti # dpkg -l |grep openssh 
ii  openssh-client 3.9p1-1ubuntu2 Secure shell client, an rlogin/rsh/rcp repla 
> Maybe there is a problem with the sftp support on the remote machine?  Please try executing 
> from the command line:  
> sftp username at host  
> <login>  
> and try for example the 'ls' command to get a directory listing.  
No problem, it is working for every server I tried. 

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