[Bug 8009] Konqueror 3.4.0 segfaults repeatably in kubuntu hoary

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Fri Apr 1 14:03:39 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From simone.gotti at email.it  2005-04-01 15:03 UTC -------
I can finally reproduce it but only on a clean .kde config dir.      
It can be tracked down the the execution of this command:      
konqueror -mimetype inode/directory system:/home.desktop      
The problem seems to come from the sidebar and only if it's set to its     
default with the sidebar tab "Home Folder" present in it.    
When this bug happens in your shell you'll see these 2 lines:    
ASSERT: "!dir->rootItem" in /build/buildd/kdelibs-3.4.0/kio/kio/kdirlister.cpp    
ASSERT: "!urlsCurrentlyHeld[jobUrlStr]"    
in /build/buildd/kdelibs-3.4.0/kio/kio/kdirlister.cpp (986)    
If you remove the line:   
from the file /etc/kde3/konqsidebartng.rc the sidebar is disabled on konqueror 
start and this problem doesn't happens. This can be a little hack to fix it 
I'll try to collect more data and find where's the problem or report it  

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