Ubuntu Kernel 5.4 to support Intel LAN i225

Eason Lin (3383) easonl at portwell.com
Wed Jul 19 17:53:22 UTC 2023

Hi Brad and Ubuntu Kernel team,
Hope this note finds you well. This is Eason, a Technical Project Manager from American Portwell, and here is our website in case you want to refer. https://portwell.com/

We know the current Ubuntu 22.04 and Kernel 5.15 already supports Intel i225. However, is it possible that you can make Ubuntu 20.04 and Kernel 5.4 to support i225 as well? We have such request from certain customers, so would like to see any possibility.

Are you able to consider it? If yes, of course we can discuss about term and condition, plus any fee incurred. Thank you so much and any of your response will be appreciated!

Best regards,

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