[RFC] linux-restricted-modules support for open variants (and direct ancillaries)

Andy Whitcroft apw at canonical.com
Wed Sep 14 13:54:46 UTC 2022

Nvidia are starting to produce unencumbered binaries which we are
permitted to pre-link for shipping.  This patch series represents the
necessary changes to support the new -open variants.  It also contains
changes needed to convert LRM to direct-ancillary form; a simpler
internal representation which is more extensible to other uses, and much
clearer to review.

Following this email are three sets of patches.  The first four
represent various simple fixes found when converting the LRM packages to
direct-ancillary form:


The next two represent the conversion to direct-ancillary form. The
first of these parameterises the ancillaries using various bits of data
from the primary package.  The second is the mechanical conversion
(which is ultimatly all renames with very minor changes though git is
unable to identify one of the renames):


The last three add variant support to LRM.  This allows us to consume
two different nvidia-graphics-drivers from the same main package
version, and allows us build and publish the .kos directly:


Proposing to apply this to kinetic initially and once settlet, to
programatically apply this to all existant LRM package as listed in
kernel-series as LRMv6.


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