stress-ng fork updated to V0.13.12

Po-Hsu Lin po-hsu.lin at
Fri Mar 18 11:45:37 UTC 2022

Hello folks,
As this cycle is about come to an end. I think it's a good timing to
have our stress-ng fork updated to V0.13.12
Apart from Colin's tests, I have It tested as he suggested with s390x
/ Power8 / Power9 / ARM64 / RISCV64 systems in our pool ranging from
Xenial to Jammy.

Here is the note from Colin for this update:
> V0.13.12 contains more verification checks and two new stressors:
> --pageswap : exercises page swapping in/out
> --usersyscall  : exercise the new user space system call prctl API
> It also contains a handful of bug fixes for some obscure decimal number
> format issues on S390x and misc bug fixes. I've also hand optimized some
> of the memory / vm stressing tests and added more non-temporal
> (uncached) write tests for x86 and arm64.
> The increased verification checking may find more bugs in the kernel;
> I've tested on all ubuntu releases from trusty to jammy on x86-64, i386,
> s390x, ppc64el and risc-v in QEMU. I've also exercised this on a wide
> range of BSD and UNIX/POSIX kernels as well as on m68k, mips32, mips64,
> sparc64 and alpha (92 virtual machines in total).
> This is quite a large change delta (> 200 commits); I re-organized some
> of the headers to speed up builds on slower systems.


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