Phantom Lake UART support

Vladimir Ratnikov vratnikov at
Tue Mar 15 16:36:16 UTC 2022


At current point we have an opportunity to have CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_MID
being compiled into kernel in order to be available as serial
console(according to debian, there was such problem before and current
kernels has 'CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_MID=y' instead of


So I'm wondering if there's a way of getting this module being compiled
into the kernel and being accepted in upstream or if there is something
cons about it ?

We've rebuilt the kernel with  'CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_MID=y' instead of
'CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_MID=m' and haven't seen any problems and it worked as
expected. I believe, it'll be better for everyone having this module to be
the part of kernel.

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