[J/linux][J/linux-unstable][PATCH 0/3] Fix bashism

Dimitri John Ledkov dimitri.ledkov at canonical.com
Fri Mar 11 16:07:06 UTC 2022

During lrm builds one can often see '[[ command not found' error
messages. This is due to relying on SHELL variable to be set to 'bash
-e' and explicitly invoking the scripts with BASH, which lrm build
doesn't do. Fix this by moving 'set -e' call into the scripts
themselves, fixing bashism, setting shebang to just '/bin/sh' and
marking the dkms-build scripts as executable.

This cleans up the annoying '[[ command not found' error and reduces
red-herring noise in the build logs.

Dimitri John Ledkov (3):
  UBUNTU: [Packaging] mark dkms-build-configure--zfs executable
  UBUNTU: [Packaging] Fix bashism in dkms-build script
  UBUNTU: [Packaging] Always catch errors in dkms-build scripts

 debian.master/reconstruct                | 1 +
 debian/scripts/dkms-build                | 8 ++++----
 debian/scripts/dkms-build--nvidia-N      | 1 +
 debian/scripts/dkms-build-configure--zfs | 1 +
 4 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
 mode change 100644 => 100755 debian/scripts/dkms-build-configure--zfs


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