Question on the decision making process for kernel variants' configurations

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Thu Mar 10 18:02:03 UTC 2022

Hello and greetings,

I am attempting to gain some insight into the decision making process that
goes into the kernel configuration choices selected for a given variant
kernel.  I have rummaged around the Ubuntu Kernel Wiki, applied search
strings to the downloaded kernel-archive mailing list mbox, and bounced
around on the Ubuntu Launchpad - all without finding either information on
the general review process, or finding specifics on the particular detail
I'm interested in.

What am I interested in exactly?  In the gcp kernel variants the
CONFIG_UNICODE (UTF-8 normalization and casefolding support) option is
disabled.  This configuration option arrived via (assuming I've trawled
around correctly):
, and was set to unset (off).

As to why, there are two guesses I might make:

One: As the gcp kernel variant already exists with a set of known
configuration values, perhaps anything new and considered optional is left
unset, until such time as an issue is made asking for it (example, - perhaps I
should submit an issue?

Two: Perhaps this specific configuration was left unset per concerns a la - in which
case submitting an issue would probably not be fruitful?  ( though I
believe the post
makes a nice case for why the CVE isn't precisely cause to leave this

And of course, the rationale might be something I have no clue at - So I am
asking if someone might point me in the right direction - either towards
the background information I seek, or perhaps specifically suggesting that
I open an issue.

My thanks, and I appreciate your time,
Lexi Haley


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