NAK: [SRU][F:linux-bluefield][PULL 000/131] Support VF groups rate limit

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Tue Mar 1 13:14:49 UTC 2022

There are 41 patches that have conflicts. All of them say "cherry 
picked" when they must be changed to "backported". Your notes on the 
conflict resolution of the half dozen I looked at do seem appropriate 

I'll have to assume that these changes are working, but there isn't much 
for test results in the LP report.

Finally, (and this is a minor nit) your pull request "Git repo based on 
Ubuntu-bluefield-5.4.0-1015.18 can be found at:" is not accurate. That 
branch (nvidia-devlink) has been rebased to current tip which is 
90e155d150791e51e61713d80159e62963ef017e ("net/xfrm: IPsec tunnel mode 
fix inner_ipproto setting in sec_path").


On 2/28/22 16:54, Bodong Wang wrote:
>  nvidia-devlink

Tim Gardner
Canonical, Inc

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