NACK: [SRU][K/Unstable][PATCH 0/1] Merge riscv64 config and annotations

Paolo Pisati paolo.pisati at
Mon Jun 27 12:58:12 UTC 2022

On Fri, Jun 24, 2022 at 04:05:11PM +0200, Andrea Righi wrote:
> Instead, I'd like to know what other people think about maintaining
> riscv configs/annotations in the main kernel vs keeping them in
> derivatives.

Unless a) it introduces a new longest-build path, or b) requires dubious patches that
could introduce regressions, IMO folding an external kernel into generic is
always a good thing: less flavours to deal with, less config churn (a separate
kernel requires a separate config/annotation adjustment when we move to a new
major kernel version), more hw supported out of generic, etc.

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