[PATCH 0/13][jammy/linux] Backport vmci patches to Jammy kernel

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at canonical.com
Tue Jun 14 19:06:05 UTC 2022

BugLink: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1978145

SRU Justification


The request is to bring vmci to TOT and back port the following patches into
Ubuntu kernels.

1. fac608138c6136126faadafa5554cc0bbabf3c44 ("VMCI: dma dg: whitespace formatting change for vmci register defines")
2. e283a0e8b7ea83915e988ed059384af166b444c0 ("VMCI: dma dg: add MMIO access to registers")
3. eed2298d936087a1c85e0fa6f7170028e4f4fded ("VMCI: dma dg: detect DMA datagram capability")
4. 8cb520bea1470ca205980fbf030ed1f472f4af2f ("VMCI: dma dg: set OS page size")
5. cc68f2177fcbfe2dbe5e9514789b96ba5995ec1e ("VMCI: dma dg: register dummy IRQ handlers for DMA datagrams")
6. 5ee109828e73bbe4213c373988608d8f33e03d78 ("VMCI: dma dg: allocate send and receive buffers for DMA datagrams")
7. 22aa5c7f323022477b70e044eb00e6bfea9498e8 ("VMCI: dma dg: add support for DMA datagrams sends")
8. 463713eb6164b6577f8e91447c7745628215531b ("VMCI: dma dg: add support for DMA datagrams receive")
9. 77e861619baea5a7c934e47fda74b03c0b072aec ("VMCI: Fix some error handling paths in vmci_guest_probe_device()")
10. c8e9b30ccae605bf1dbeaf03971f9b83f70b928d ("VMCI: Release notification_bitmap in error path")
11. 5df0e734b8c39598effe0f17e5bd8ff7748a0693 ("VMCI: Check exclusive_vectors when freeing interrupt 1")
12. 1f7142915d304804a9bd952245fce92786b1b62f ("VMCI: Add support for ARM64")
13. ba03a9bbd17b149c373c0ea44017f35fc2cd0f28 ("VMCI: Release resource if the work is already queued")

[Test Plan]

User tested

[Where things could go wrong]

The VMWARE VMCI driver could fail in new and interesting ways.

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