ACK/Cmnt: [PATCH 0/2][j/k linux-azure, f/linux-azure-5.15] Azure: Remove circular dependency on linux-modules and linux-image

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Mon Aug 22 15:00:14 UTC 2022

I was practicing installing linux-lrm. It appears it has an implicit 
dependency on linux-image because it runs depmod which requires stuff 
installed by linux-image. It doesn't fail the install, but I'm guessing 
module dependencies never get updated correctly. I think I'll pull that 
part of the patch since it doesn't affect FDE construction.


On 8/22/22 08:00, Marcelo Henrique Cerri wrote:
> I would avoid dropping the linux-modules- dependency from linux-image-
> for now since that's not required for azure-fde. But I will leave that
> to your discretion, since meta should be able to handle that.
> Acked-by: Marcelo Henrique Cerri <marcelo.cerri at>
> On Mon, Aug 22 2022, Tim Gardner wrote:
>> BugLink:
>> SRU Justification
>> [Impact]
>> linux-image-azure-5.15 currently has a dependency on linux-modules-azure-5.15.
>> Similarly, linux-modules-azure-5.15 depends on linux-image-azure-515. This
>> circular dependency is unnecessary since the meta packages quite effectively
>> manage those relationships. Furthermore, this dependency breaks the construction
>> of FDE-5.15 packages by pulling in unwanted dependencies during FDE image creation.
>> [Where things could go wrong]
>> Installations where this dependency is assumed could stop working. This is unlikely
>> since all cloud images start from correctly installed meta packages. This circular
>> dependency is also new with 5.15 packages.

Tim Gardner
Canonical, Inc

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