LTP fork updated - 20220811

Po-Hsu Lin po-hsu.lin at
Thu Aug 11 02:37:49 UTC 2022

Hello folks,

I have finished testing the updated LTP fork, with our generic kernels
in bare-metal pool.
Now it's a good timing to push this change out.

Update Note:
  * Thanks to Luke, this update fixes the following issues:
    - LP: #1980318 ubuntu_ltp_controllers memcg_subgroup_charge /
      memcg_max_usage_in_bytes / memcg_usage_in_bytes starts failing
      with LTP20220527 (Invalid argument)
    - LP: #1949532 ubuntu_ltp_controllers tests failing on Impish
      (already mounted or mount point busy)
  * This update is known to have the following issues:
    - LP: #1983659 cgroup / memcg_control from ubuntu_ltp_controllers
failed on F
    - LP: #1983533 ubuntu_ltp/cve-2021-4034 failed on F (new test case)
    - LP: #1983989 ubuntu_ltp/inotify12 failed on B/F (new test case)

I will try to update hints for these later with report ready, please
let us know if you have found any new issue,

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