stress-ng fork updated to 346518ca (V0.14.03)

Po-Hsu Lin po-hsu.lin at
Wed Aug 3 07:59:03 UTC 2022

Hello folks,

I have our stress-ng fork updated to 346518ca (V0.14.03)
Apart from tests covered by Colin, this version has been tested on our
bare-metal pool with all available architectures in B/F/J.
Here is the note from Colin for this update:

Major changes include a new
cacheline memory corruption stress test (basically it exercises adjacent
bytes in a cacheline between various CPU threads); some optimizations
and changes to also exercise file I/O harder (more flushing), a new
--numa CPU binding option and a bunch of bug fixes found when porting it
to sh4 and hppa arches and to some BSD systems.  The apparmor stressor
now iteratively corrupts profiles and reload/unloads the profiles to
force accumulative bit rot.

Kernel test coverage increase by ~1.5% compared to previous release.


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