APPLIED: [PATCH 0/1] [hirsute:linux-azure, focal/linux-azure-5.11] Revert "scsi: core: Cap scsi_host cmd_per_lun at can_queue"

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Fri Oct 8 15:35:25 UTC 2021

Applied to focal/linux-azure-5.11, hirsute/linux-azure. Thanks.


On 10/8/21 8:53 AM, Tim Gardner wrote:
> BugLink:
> SRU Justification
> [Impact]
> At least 2 Azure instances cannot boot with this stable patch applied. Upstream
> is still working on the propoer solution. In the meantime, reverting this pacth
> allows boot to continue.
> [Test Plan]
> Boot on the affected instance types.
> [Where problems could occur]
> This patch was merged in stable update v5.4.134. Its intent was
> to provide a system level cap on the number of SCSI commands per LUN. Although
> reverting this patch may allow possibiities for exceeding that cap, in
> practice it rarely happed. There are also already some driver specifc
> checks in place.
> [Additional info]
> This revert necessitates a re-spin for focal/linux-azure-5.11 and hirsute/linux-azure
> for sru-2021.09.27.
> I will attempt to get this patch reverted from upstream stable until such time as
> a proper fix is developed. Failing that I'll propose revert patches for the affected
> master kernels.
> SF: #00320537

Tim Gardner
Canonical, Inc

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