[BUG] btrfs potential failure on 32 core LTP test (fallocate05)

Josef Bacik josef at toxicpanda.com
Tue Jun 29 18:32:15 UTC 2021

On 6/29/21 2:28 PM, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
> On 29/06/2021 20:06, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
>> Minor update - it's not only Azure's. AWS m5.8xlarge and m5.16xlarge (32
>> and 64 cores) fail similarly. I'll try later also QEMU machines with
>> different amount of CPUs.
> Test on QEMU machine with 31 CPUs passes. With 32 CPUs - failure as
> reported.
> dmesg is empty - no error around this.
> Maybe something with per-cpu variables?

Ah yeah, so since you are further into this than I am, want to give my recent 
batch of fixes a try?


This might actually resolve the problems.  If not I'm getting one of our 64cpu 
boxes setup to test this, I also couldn't reproduce it on my smaller local 
machines.  Thanks,


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